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‘Underground Wine Letter’ reviews the 2011 Los Alamos Pinot Noir

‘Underground Wine Letter’ reviews the 2011 Los Alamos Pinot Noir

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Here’s a great follow-up piece by John Tilson:

Chanin Wine Company

The first review of Chanin Wine Company wines was over 2 years ago. Here’s the introduction to that article:

“Gavin Chanin is a talented, serious and hard working young lad. He is also very fortunate to have been able to start his career under the tutelage of two of California’s best vintners. His bottles are literally works of art as each bears a painting done by Gavin Chanin the artist. The wines are lovely to look at and lovely to drink.”

Since that time Chanin has continued to produce lovely Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs that are balanced and very pure. Many of these wines have been reviewed here and have been consistently gorgeous. Below is a note on the recently released 2011 Los Alamos Pinot Noir.



2011 Chanin Wine Company Pinot Noir Los Alamos Santa Barbara County.
This is simply a gorgeous Pinot Noir with complexity, finesse, flavor and balance. It is very pure and is a shining example of a new world Pinot Noir that beautifully expresses the varietal character of the grape while retaining its sense of place. The wine has a very nice color and a stunning perfume with floral spice tinges, cherry fruit, and a faint hint of green olive. It has loads of very pure cherry fruit with an underlying floral note and tinges of spice and green olive. With a great perfume and lots of finesse and elegance this is a Pinot Noir that is absolutely delicious – Outstanding Plus.