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Listen to Gavin’s interview on Heritage Radio Network

Listen to Gavin’s interview on Heritage Radio Network

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“Gavin Chanin is not only a winemaker, but an entrepreneur! This week on the business of The Business, Phil Colicchio sits down with Gavin to talk about his start dragging hoses in the wine industry. Find out why Gavin decided to make pinot noirs and chardonnays. How does the Santa Barbara terroir influence the flavor of Gavin’s wine? Listen in to learn which famous winemakers tutored Gavin, and hear how Gavin learned to make sales. Tune in to hear Phil and Gavin talk wine distribution and competition. Hear about Gavin’s newest venture with Bill Price, Lutum!”

“Twenty years from now, when these wines are out of vogue, I’ll still be making them.” [7:10]

“I was always confident in the cellar, but when I started I had no idea how to sell anything… One thing that I think was really important was that I did not know the unwritten rules of the industry.” [17:30]

“You can make six barrels of wine and make an impact on the California wine scene.” [25:00]