New Releases Coming Soon blogger Ken Zinns visits Chanin Wine Co. blogger Ken Zinns visits Chanin Wine Co. blogger and fellow winemaker Ken Zinns stops by the winery for a visit. Here’s just some of what he had to say. Be sure to check out Ken’s full post online.


“I was just as impressed by the Chanin wines on this visit as I had been when I had first tasted Gavin’s wines last year. All of the wines – and the Chardonnays in particular – display a vibrant acidity should help them age well. Although the wines seem like they can be a bit tight when young, I think they will really blossom after some time in the bottle. It was tough for me to pick a favorite among the three wines we tasted, as they were all very good. They show a light winemaking touch that helps highlight the distinctions between the two current Chanin vineyard sources, Los Alamos and Bien Nacido. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Gavin can do with Sonoma fruit with the upcoming Price-Chanin wines, and I’ll continue to follow his Chanin Chardonnays and Pinots, some of the best new ones from Santa Barbara County in recent years.”