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Eric Asimov declares a new generation of California Chardonnay

Eric Asimov declares a new generation of California Chardonnay

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California’s Exciting New Wines Buck The Mainstream

NEW YORK TIMES wine critic Eric Asimov wrote an interesting piece on on some of the “new” styles of winemaking we’re seeing in California. Click on the link to read the entire article.

“Similarly, the great success of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay producers such as Anthill Farms and Copain in Sonoma and Mendocino; Failla, Peay, Ceritas, Ross Cobb and Hirsch on the Sonoma Coast; and Sandhi and Gavin Chanin in Santa Barbara County, has brought renewed attention to producers like Au Bon Climat, Littorai and Arcadian who have long demonstrated restraint in their wines.

Many of these young winemakers, Natural Process Alliance, La Clarine Farm and Donkey & Goat among them, operate outside the realm of traditional critics. They are not dependent on the 100-point scoring system and tasting note approach used by the primary consumer magazines, and so represent a decentralized American wine culture in which sales come from word of mouth in shops, restaurants and blogs rather than shelf talkers.”