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“Definining what elegance means in wine,” with

“Definining what elegance means in wine,” with wine writer, George Yatchisin, profiles Chanin wines at the 2nd annual wine futures tasting in Santa Barbara. You can read the full article here. Wine Keeps On Sipping into the Futures by George Yatchisin on April 23, 2014   futures2-600-400 For many wines, it was easy to predict wonderful futures, precocious babes they were. Gavin Chanin is busy defining what elegance means in wine, both with his own label Chanin (both a chardonnay and a pinot were available), and with his latest project Lutum (it means soil in Latin, hint hint) with Bill Price, where they find killer locations for grapes and then top anything you’ve had from that spot (his wines ran out quickly).